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Dear Hua Hin Spa

I am new to 'spa-ing' could you help me a little with spa etiquette and what I should expect at my first visit?

Rosalyn, Singapore


Hi Rosalyn

The friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere at @One Spa should put you at ease as soon as you enter the door to our reception area.  Please arrive a few minutes early to discuss your treatment with your therapist and let her know of any health issues you may have. 

Please remove any jewellery before treatment.  For body scrubs and oil massages, you would be expected to remove your clothes.  You will be draped with sheets or towels to save your modesty!  The most important thing for you is to totally de-stress and enjoy the whole pampering experience.

Dear Hua Hin Spa

Can I book treatments even though I am not staying at The Residence? How do I find you from town?

Kate, Hua Hin resident


Hi Kate

You can book treatments by emailing rsvn@residence-huahin.com or by phoning (+66) (0)32 523555. Treatments are listed on this website or the @One page on www.residence-huahin.com .  The Residence runs a free shuttle bus service between the resort and the clock tower in Hua Hin, we will be able to pick you up and drop you back after your treatments.  Why not spend the day with us relaxing at the pool after your treatment, or perhaps taking some lunch at The Rez.

Dear Hua Hin Spa

Help! I want spa - my husband wants golf!

Tina, Norway


Hi Tina

This is a very common problem :) see our spa with golf package.  Upon booking we will be able to time your spa treatments to coincide with your husband's golfing programme so that you can both enjoy your free time together.